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SmartSprocket™ Camshaft Torque Cancellation (CTC)

SmartSprocket™ is a patented system invented by Litens that provides improved control of timing system dynamics and results in complete elimination, or significant reduction of, system vibration. It uses an engineered, non-round sprocket that introduces a controlled, periodic excitation in the system which cancels or reduces the camshaft torsional vibrations thus reducing dynamic belt or chain tension. A correctly designed and applied SmartSprocket™ is an extremely effective, robust and convenient solution - a technology that was recognized by the industry when Litens received the Automechanika Innovation Award in 2004.

Litens patents have been proven in litigation and are licensed by major OEMs around the world.

Application of a SmartSprocket™ usually doesn't require any additional changes to the drive or the engine itself. Shape and phasing of the SmartSprocket™ are optimized using advanced computer simulation programs and confirmed through engine functional testing.
The direct benefits are numerous, including:
  • Reduced timing error, particularly at resonance
  • Reduced and controlled dynamic belt tension
  • Possibility to use narrower and/or lower grade belt or chain
  • Increased timing drive durability to ‘life of engine’ level
  • Improved drive energy efficiency
  • Reduced system noise level

Example - Belt Application
SmartSprocket Belt

Chart One
Chart Two
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Example - Chain Application

Chain Drive Example
Chain Drive Example
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