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LITENS offers a complete range of industry leading test and development services from our engineering centres in Canada, Germany and China in support of our power transmission programs worldwide. Major areas of expertise include Noise Vibration and Harshness, power transmission troubleshooting and signature analysis, engine performance efficiency and fluid dynamics, environmental testing, fatigue life analysis and system life cycle / energy efficiency characterization.

Our extensive investment in predictive analysis combined with our application experience are key to our ability to continually respond quickly and provide value added solutions to our customers' complex power transmission challenges.

Test and Development Capabilities:

  • Energy loss
  • Complete torsional and translational vibration signature analysis
  • Dynamic effective belt tension evaluations
  • Tensioner arm oscillation / position / dynamic damping signature
  • Span flutter and natural frequency analysis
  • System noise level / intensity mapping
  • Modal impact characterization
  • Dynamic vehicle analysis
  • MTS hydraulic actuator up to 50 kN and 100 Hz
  • LDS electro-mechanical shaker up to 25 kN and 1900 Hz
  • TEAM torsional vibration actuator up to 450 Hz and 6000 RPM
  • Complete engine / vehicle conversions
  • Dynamometer both static and chassis roll
  • Firing engine buck cells
  • Electric driven engine buck cells
  • Firing engine idle brake chassis
  • Belt breadboard accel / decel simulation - alternator overrun
  • Belt torsional testing / fatigue life tests
  • Alternator dynamics characterization
  • Thermal imaging analysis
  • Thermal shock analysis
  • Alignment sensitivity studies
  • Complete component fatigue life testing
  • Fluid flow dynamics testing
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