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Efforts to reduce both global emissions and fuel consumption have now matured to the point where all systems and functions of modern vehicles are being focused on for improvements. Over the past few years, studies to determine the effects of better controlling the ICE cooling system have shown significant potential in improving engine performance and reducing fuel consumption.

During the cold phase of engine operation, prior to achieving stable engine block and cylinder temperatures, the engine is operating at greatly reduced efficiency.  Reducing the time to achieve optimum engine operating temperatures therefore allows the engine to operate at peak efficiency faster providing the benefit of lower consumption and reduced emissions in addition to the potentials for improved cabin heating and reduced engine wear.  

Several methods have been proposed to provide this function all having various levels of complexity and value.  LITENS, utilizing our 20  years of experience in various forms of wrap clutch technology have applied these experienced principles in developing a durable and cost effective method of seizing current water pump assemblies to enable zero coolant flow and thus reduce average warm up times in most applications  by more than 60%.

With a focus on customer value and robust reliable application in the field LITENS has developed common platform designs that cover all FEAD and synchronous drive applications and in many cases can be quickly applied to existing cooling systems and ECU configurations with only minor modifications.  

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