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Today's automotive timing drive systems face a paradox of diverging trends.  On one hand, modern engine design has introduced higher levels of system dynamics and corresponding forces.  On the other hand, the global market demands longer system life and increased service intervals while also at reduced cost.

Our system philosophy and application experience has continually guided us toward the next generation of energy efficient systems. LITENS can engineer simple, reliable and durable drives for both chain and belt systems. This progress is a result of our deep understanding of system dynamics, efficient techniques and field experience. Coupled with our patented SMARTSPROCKET technology, LITENS is in a unique position to offer life-of-engine systems and solutions while meeting strict performance and cost objectives.

LITENS pioneered the automatic timing belt tensioner in 1987 and has since delivered more than 100 million units  to the market.  LITENS remains the largest global producer of timing belt tensioners delivering over 13 million units annually.  LITENS holds numerous patents in the field. We invented the modern automotive timing belt tensioner and patented SMARTSPROCKET Camshaft Torque Cancellation Technology. LITENS was also the first to market a friction damped chain tensioner.


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