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LITENS OVERRUNNING ALTERNATOR DECOUPLER (OAD™) separates the alternator rotor inertia from the accessory drive belt by use of a patented steel torsion spring isolator mechanism. Engineered control of the system resonant frequency is achieved by tuning the spring stiffness to the alternator inertia mass. In the case where alternator torsional resonance is the first vibration mode of the system, the OAD™ completely eliminates the resonance and dramatically reduces the dynamic forces on the belt. Belt induced high speed fluctuations to the alternator are absorbed by the torsion spring and the alternator rotor (inertia mass) is relatively unaffected. Alternator torque and thus belt forces can now be reliably controlled and the following benefits are achieved;

Direct Benefit
Reduced static tension
Lower system drive torque
Lower hubloads
Reduced belt wrap requirement
Simpler damping requirement
Reduced noise and vibration
  Indirect Benefits
reduced tensioner cost/belt cost
higher efficiency
improved component reliability/lower cost
improved layout flexibility
reduced tensioner cost
emotional quality

During steady driving the alternator is driven directly through the spring without any speed modification. To prevent unwanted stress of the torsion spring during engine starting the OAD™ is equipped with an automatic clutch system that prevents reverse torque. Standardized design platforms for different alternator inertia classes are available.


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