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Litens TorqFiltr™ separates (decouples) the accessory drive system inertia from the engine itself by use of patented arc spring isolator mechanism. Engineered control of the system resonant frequency is achieved by tuning the spring stiffness to the system inertia. Because the spring stiffness is softer than traditional rubber isolators, vibrations from the engine are mostly absorbed before being transmitted to the accessory drive belt. This results in isolation of all components in the drive, and any accessory drive system resonance has very small peak amplitudes since there is little excitation. TorqFiltr™ springs are made of steel and do not deteriorate like rubber so performance is guaranteed. Additionally, the built-in automatic clutch system eliminates belt squeal associated with resonance of rubber dampers so no separate one-way clutch is needed. Belt tension forces are controlled in all circumstances resulting in;

Direct Benefit
Reduced static tension
Lower system drive torque
Lower hubloads
Reduced belt wrap requirement
Simpler damping requirement
Reduced noise and vibration
  Indirect Benefits
reduced tensioner cost/belt cost
higher efficiency
improved component reliability/lower cost
improved layout flexibility
reduced tensioner cost
emotional quality

Crankshaft torsional vibration (twist) dampers may be coupled to the TorqFiltr™ in parallel or attached separately.

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