Palmaresul Nostru

We pioneered the design principle of low tension, low friction systems now almost universally accepted and deployed.

Palmaresul Nostru
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Founded in 1979, Litens has a proud history of being an innovative and highly respected company specializing in powertrain system engineering and component supply. Litens has also been at the forefront of global expansion with the establishment of operations and support offices in new markets to better serve our customers. Our history includes numerous achievements, many of which have been recognized through prestigious awards from our customers.

History of Innovation


Torsional Isolation for MGU in BeltStart application


Tension on demand for optimal BAS operation

Alpha Tensioner™

Low tension controlled travel for Mild Hybrid system


Crankshaft Torsional Isolation for Belt Start applications

Switchable Waterpump Pulley™

Electronically controlled mechanical water pump


Crankshaft Torque Modulator Technology

Low Tension FEAD

Methodology for reducing friction losses


Dynamic Torque Cancellation Sprocket

OAD™ (Overrunning Alternator Decoupler)

First production mechanical alternator decoupler

Timing Belt Tensioner

World first production Automatic Tensioner for timing belt drives

FEAD Automatic Belt Tensioner

World first production Automatic FEAD Belt Tensioner (1979 Mustang)