Delivering Innovation

Since inception over 40 years ago, Litens has been a leader in the automotive industry by developing new, unique, and differentiating technologies that have improved vehicles all over the world. At our core is a deep understanding of cars and how people want to use them. At Litens, we’re equipped with facilities and technical capabilities to bring ideas from our minds to your driveway.

Who we are

For 40 years, Litens has been on the forefront of innovation

We are a diverse group of talented people committed to creating solutions to problems and making the world a better place. We are engineers, thought leaders, innovators, technicians, and contributors.

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Our commitment to sustainability

We fully embrace the principles of sustainability in our products and how we operate.

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Environmental Responsibility

Meeting and exceeding regulations designed to improve resource use, minimize waste, and promote the long-term health of the environment.

Fairness and concern for employees

Fostering a safe, respectful, and rewarding environment that prioritizes diversity, inclusion, and all employee rights.

Corporate ethics and compliance

Ensuring all business and actions adhere to strict legal compliance in every region. This applies to all levels of the organization.

Responsible supply chain

Building and maintaining a network of suppliers that prioritizes working conditions, environmental responsibility, and strong ethical codes.

Contributions to our communities

Maintaining a proud tradition of supporting social and charitable causes in various locations.

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After the success of the 2023 TMU Speed Networking Event, Litens was again invited to attend the 2024 Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), Fac...

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Litens Automotive has officially joined MEMA (Manufacturers Association). MEMA is a trade association that represents the motor vehicle supply i...

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Litens Automotive partnered with the University of Toronto’s Blue Sky Solar Racing Team in FY2022 to sponsor their Gen XI vehicle, Boreali...

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