Hybrid Technologies

Extending range and reducing emissions without compromising the driving experience is our goal. Solid design, electronics, and controls play leading roles in the attainment of these goals.

Hybrid Technologies
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Belt Drive Electric Hybrids

Where electric motors supplement ICE’s, Litens has a strong portfolio to deliver robust, reliable solutions at the lowest possible belt tension reducing energy losses and improving system NVH.

Total belt tension control under all operating conditions is critical to secure system lifetime. Litens hybrid belt tensioners offer renowned reliability to control belt tension in either power transmission or generation mode and react instantly to mode changes. Our designs utilize proprietary solutions to minimize wear, resist harsh environments, and prevent noise.

The highest performance hybrid systems can deliver significant torque from the electric motor to the ICE resulting in maximum benefit to fuel efficiency. High power applications need to utilize crankshaft torsional isolation to manage the loads on the belt. Litens BASFiltr™ is designed to meet these needs and has an unparalleled reputation in the industry. Using the most advanced computer simulations, Litens can optimize any system configuration.