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Extending range and reducing emissions without compromising the driving experience is our goal. Solid design, electronics, and controls play leading roles in the attainment of these goals.

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Switchable Water Pump™

An electromechanical device that when adapted to traditional water pumps, allows the water pump to be shut off (stationary) during warm-up. This permits the engine to achieve operating temperature faster than other methods resulting in fuel economy, decreased emissions, and added defrosting benefits. This was the first thermal management system and models are designed to suit the application.

Overrunning Alternator Decoupler (OAD)™

Using an OAD reduces the overall power to drive the alternator and eliminates resonances that develop in the belt drive at certain speeds. The OAD allows engine manufacturers to extract the lowest possible belt tension and ensure smooth and quiet idle characteristics free of vibration. Fuel economy is measurably improved by the reduction in power and friction losses, making the OAD an attractive solution for optimized modern engines.

Invented by Litens, we remain the global leader in the field. We continue to develop and offer new models to meet the latest improvements in alternator and engine design.

Engine Timing Systems

Litens is the world leader in engine timing system tensioners available in several types. We also invented SmartSprocket™; specially tuned timing sprockets that eliminate synchronous torsional vibration resulting in lower drive torque and better fuel consumption.

Automatic Belt Tensioners

Litens created the first production belt tensioner which ushered in a new era of engine reliability and significantly improved fuel economy. Since then, the use of auto tensioners is ubiquitous and Litens remains a global leader. We have developed several varieties of pivot-systems and damping technologies that are available to meet the needs of any type of engine or application.