Making it Happen

Litens has the ability and experience to take ideas and bring them to market.

Making it Happen
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Rapid prototyping

We use model-based design extensively going directly from model to part and eliminating the need for 2D drawings, our dedicated model-based design (MBD) team has pioneered the industrialization of the technology throughout the organization. Internally, we can bring our concepts to life through printed models, machining, or circuit boards.

Machining Operations

Extensive in-house machine shop facilities allow us to move quickly from digital model to physical product.

Testing Facilities

Litens has continually invested in advancing world-class test capabilities so we can easily move from prototype to validation. We operate test facilities in every domain including stress-strain, vibration, environment, torsion, tribology, and specialized automotive-specific regimes. Digital inputs from design and simulation can directly transfer to test systems, providing flexibility and speed.

Reliability and Validation

Litens’ dedicated reliability and validation engineering team is responsible for certifying designs for mass production. They evaluate designs early in the cycle, determine key failure modes, and design tests to ensure our customers have maximum reliability designed in. Validation engineers control all certification testing and the inspection of the results.


Our creativity and innovation extend to the production floor. We have in-house manufacturing and assembly line design and build capability ensuring an effective transition from design to reality. Litens’ extensive quality awards are a testament to the ability and dedication of our manufacturing teams to deliver high-quality products on time, all the time.

Employee in plant area
Production machine

Recent awards

Litens has been winning awards from our customers for decades.


HYCET Supplier Award for Excellence in Quality China


Volkswagen Formel Q-Capability Award Germany


Volkswagen Formel Q-Capability Award Romania

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