What We Do

We conceive, design, and develop automotive systems and components that improve a consumer’s overall experience in terms of reliability, satisfaction, and impact on the planet.

What We Do
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Being first is hard—but it’s worth it.

We rise to the challenge and consistently generate genuinely new and different solutions. We put our energy into unique approaches so we can innovate creative solutions for industry challenges.

Connected to customers

We respect close relationships built with major automotive manufacturers around the world and we communicate closely to understand needs, wants, and the desired attributes of product solutions. Our challenge is to use our skills and global network to meet needs in valuable and unique ways.


We are global

Our teams work together globally to support any needs whether it be our customer, one of our supply networks, a manufacturing plant, or any number of other shared objectives.

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Have fun, be excellent

When you work with Litens, you can expect challenging work, big goals, and strong internal networks. We want to exceed expectations in everything we do, we want to have fun doing it, and lead the way to delight our customers!

Engineering Matters

Where you can be your best

Whatever you are passionate about, put your skills and ambitions to the test. Litens is a place where your creativity and expertise can create opportunities to make a difference.

Litens Plant Area
Engineering Lab
Litens worker in test lab

Our commitment to sustainability

We fully embrace the principles of sustainability in our products and how we operate.

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Environmental Responsibility

Meeting and exceeding regulations designed to improve resource use, minimize waste, and promote the long-term health of the environment.

Fairness and concern for employees

Fostering a safe, respectful, and rewarding environment that prioritizes diversity, inclusion, and all employee rights.

Corporate ethics and compliance

Ensuring all business and actions adhere to strict legal compliance in every region. This applies to all levels of the organization.

Responsible supply chain

Building and maintaining a network of suppliers that prioritizes working conditions, environmental responsibility, and strong ethical codes.

Contributions to our communities

Maintaining a proud tradition of supporting social and charitable causes in various locations.