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2019 Subaru Award

June 25, 2020
2019 Subaru Award

Litens has been recognized for its last fiscal year performance with partner Subaru and will be awarded the Excellent Performance Award and the Commodity Leader Award!

Subaru has eight commodity categories with every supplier in a specific commodity; to determine the award winners, they use the highest overall percentage from the scorecard to determine a winner for each commodity out of 40. Subaru has distinguished Litens as a top-performing partner and will be congratulating us with two awards this year!

“Congratulations, Litens team! The ongoing dedication, teamwork, and commitment by Litens employees have resulted in Litens being recognized and awarded multiple achievement awards for 2019 by various automakers. These awards are made possible through the continued hard work put forth by the Litens team every day! #winningtogether” – Andrew Paton, Plant Manager LAP.

Congratulations to all, well done!