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2020 Toyota Excellent Quality Award

June 15, 2021
2020 Toyota Excellent Quality Award

Litens Canada continues to work hard and exceed expectations, and we are proud to announce that as a result, Canada has received the Toyota North America Excellent Quality Award for 2020. Litens has now received an entire decade’s worth of quality accolades, which includes 6 years of Excellence awards, and 4 years of Superior awards.

“Litens received once again the Toyota award for Quality excellence for the 10th consecutive year!!  I would like to congratulate the team for this outstanding achievement.  Only through the continued hard work and dedication of our employees are accomplishments like this achieved.  Your attention to details and continuous improvement are a driving force in making these milestones a reality. Once again, congratulations and thank you for your efforts in making it all possible.  #winningtogether” – Andrew Paton, Plant Manager.

“Litens Canada was 1 of only 27 suppliers to receive this prestigious award, out of over 850 suppliers. For this achievement, you should all be proud. This award is proof that our continued efforts have resulted in tangible results – a high degree of customer satisfaction! Now we must all challenge ourselves to keep this important streak alive.” – Rob Barlow, Global Director of Quality.

Congratulations on the continuous achievements, Litens Canada! Let’s keep #WinningTogether!