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World Quality Month

November 11, 2021
World Quality Month

World Quality Month takes place every November and was designed to increase the awareness of the vital contribution that quality makes towards organizational growth and prosperity.

Quality Culture at Litens is about improving products, services, systems, and processes to ensure the organization is fit, effective, and meets its objectives.

For us, managing quality means constantly pursuing excellence. And our commitment has been demonstrated over the years with the many Quality Awards received by Litens, including:

– Volkswagen Group Excellent Supplier and Value to the Customer Awards

– Toyota Superior Quality Performance Award

– Toyota Supplier Diversity Performance Achievement

– General Motors Supplier of the Year and Supplier Quality Excellence Awards

– Ford Q1 Gold World Excellence Award

– Honda Supplier Performance Award

– Subaru Quality & Delivery Award

Congratulations to our people who are committed to excellence in everything we do! #worldqualitymonth#quality#people#growth#culture#awards#awardwinning#qualityaward