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We continually develop and deliver new products to make our customers’ electric, hybrid and internal combustion powertrains better.

Our Solutions
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Electric and Hybrid Technologies

Extending range and reducing emissions without compromising the driving experience is our goal. Solid design, electronics, and controls play leading roles in the attainment of these goals.

Battery Pack

Litens’ high-performance battery pack meets the need for improved recycling and environmental stewardship and leverages our expertise in mechanical and thermal design. Our cutting-edge Litens battery management system is designed to maintain the long-term value of the pack and individual cells.

Our pack design supports easy and safe serviceability at the individual cell level, facilitating long pack life, lower overall total cost of ownership, better reliability and assure value going into second-life service. Our cloud-based BMS provides health feedback and history at any time.

The pack is a fully integrated plug-and-play solution with a built-in thermal system, immersion cooling and leading-edge safety. Ultrafast charge and discharge rates keep downtime low. Packs are stackable and available with vibration isolation systems.

FloMatrx™ Thermal System Control Valves

Our unique multiport/state valve systems with built-in intelligent actuators facilitate cost-effective multimode heating and cooling systems. Our FloMatrx valve designs provide a matrix of flow path solutions with high efficiency and low losses. Applying our full system modelling capabilities, we can optimize the solution to fit each vehicle’s needs.

FloMatrxHub™ Thermal System Controller

The heart of your electric vehicle cooling system, FloMatrxHub consists of a multiport/state valve with integrated high-efficiency coolant pumps, programmable controls and software to manage coolant flow and energy recovery to any vehicle system.

FloMatrxHub offers total system control and the ability to maintain flexible propulsion system package architecture while saving costs on extra components.

Belt Drive Electric Hybrids

Where electric motors supplement ICE’s, Litens has a strong portfolio to deliver robust, reliable solutions at the lowest possible belt tension reducing energy losses and improving system NVH.

Total belt tension control under all operating conditions is critical to secure system lifetime. Litens hybrid belt tensioners offer renowned reliability to control belt tension in either power transmission or generation mode and react instantly to mode changes. Our designs utilize proprietary solutions to minimize wear, resist harsh environments, and prevent noise.

The highest performance hybrid systems can deliver significant torque from the electric motor to the ICE resulting in maximum benefit to fuel efficiency. High power applications need to utilize crankshaft torsional isolation to manage the loads on the belt. Litens BASFiltr™ is designed to meet these needs and has an unparalleled reputation in the industry. Using the most advanced computer simulations, Litens can optimize any system configuration.

Thermal Management Heating Systems

To keep people and batteries comfortable on cold days, BEV’s need electrically-operated heaters. Litens’ efficient and flexible 10KW coolant heater with integrated controls ensure efficient operation and safety.

It can be configured to utilize regenerated energy based on the vehicle operation at any given time. Customers can also use the heater for climate maintenance prior to charging or driving. In some cases, the system can be configured to enhance the heat pump operation to provide reliable heat at low temperatures.

Compact Electric Water Pump

A compact and lightweight electrical water pump with industry-leading power density pump using our unique axial flux technology to achieve high efficiency, low cost and up to 70% reduction in size and mass vs. other pumps in the same power class. This pump enables high performance from the thermal system and can be seamlessly integrated within FloMatrxHub products.

Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Technologies

Switchable Water Pump™

An electromechanical device that when adapted to traditional water pumps, allows the water pump to be shut off (stationary) during warm-up. This permits the engine to achieve operating temperature faster than other methods resulting in fuel economy, decreased emissions, and added defrosting benefits. This was the first thermal management system and models are designed to suit the application.

Overrunning Alternator Decoupler (OAD)™

Using an OAD reduces the overall power to drive the alternator and eliminates resonances that develop in the belt drive at certain speeds. The OAD allows engine manufacturers to extract the lowest possible belt tension and ensure smooth and quiet idle characteristics free of vibration. Fuel economy is measurably improved by the reduction in power and friction losses, making the OAD an attractive solution for optimized modern engines.

Invented by Litens, we remain the global leader in the field. We continue to develop and offer new models to meet the latest improvements in alternator and engine design.

Engine Timing Systems

Litens is the world leader in engine timing system tensioners available in several types. We also invented SmartSprocket™; specially tuned timing sprockets that eliminate synchronous torsional vibration resulting in lower drive torque and better fuel consumption.

Automatic Belt Tensioners

Litens created the first production belt tensioner which ushered in a new era of engine reliability and significantly improved fuel economy. Since then, the use of auto tensioners is ubiquitous and Litens remains a global leader. We have developed several varieties of pivot-systems and damping technologies that are available to meet the needs of any type of engine or application.