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Honda presents Litens with ‘Excellence in Supplier and Delivery’ award.

November 8, 2023
Honda presents Litens with ‘Excellence in Supplier and Delivery’ award.

On October 3, 2023, Litens welcomed Delegates, Derek Chennette – Department Manager and Marcello D’Auria – Division Manager, from Honda Automotive Manufacturing. The event was hosted to present Litens the ‘Achievement for Excellence in Supplier and Delivery’ award.

In 2022 in the face of critical challenges including supply issues, logistics, and transportation disruptions to name a few, Honda recognized its suppliers with awards for support with mass production parts, and materials. Litens is honored to be recognized as one of 35 top OEM suppliers receiving this award for Excellence in Quality and Delivery.

The event commenced with congratulatory messages from Tyson Bytzek, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Bruno Fragoso, VP, Sales and Marketing who recognized the team for their consistent hard work, followed by a short presentation from Honda representatives. Derek and Marcello provided insights into what steps Honda is taking toward sustainability, and what’s in the future for them including their plans on reducing GHG emissions. The presentation and award ceremony was followed by a tour of the 730 Rowntree production plant by Andrew Paton, Plant Manager.

Congratulations to Litens and our teams, who are always focused on supporting our customers by providing on-time delivery of high-quality parts. It’s a testament to our dedication to delivering superior products and services.