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Litens Canada Continues Partnership to sponsor the Formula SAE Racecar team

November 8, 2023
Litens Canada Continues Partnership to sponsor the Formula SAE Racecar team

We are thrilled to announce that Litens Canada has continued its partnership with Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) to sponsor their Formula SAE Racecar for 2024 (TM-24) for a second year.

As a top sponsor of the team, Litens will provide the team with monetary support to build the battery, guide the team in evaluating the requirements of the vehicle’s cooling and electrical systems and help on the overall development process. The team will also get access to our specialized equipment and testing facilities, which will help them prototype and test the battery pack as part of the in-kind sponsorship.

Formula SAE has a strong reputation as a student-led competition that helps students develop and apply their problem-solving skills to a challenging, real-world problem. We’re very excited to help TMU accelerate their development for the 2023 season and are looking forward to a great experience for all involved.  This also represents an important opportunity for Litens to showcase our leadership in electrification and connect with top engineering talent across North America.”  – Noel Abreu, Controls Specialist, Product Engineering

The Formula Racecar has featured the sponsorship in their internal newsletter, LinkedIn posts, and will also incorporate the Litens logo on the TM-24 vehicle.

We’re looking forward to working with Litens for another season. Over the past two years of our sponsorship the team has gained valuable knowledge through various design reviews and the use of testing equipment. The testing equipment they provide also enables the team to effectively test and validate our designs to ensure TM-24 can reliably run during our competitions events and score higher design points to attain our goals for the 2024 season. Thank you Litens for your continuous support. – Claudia Bialkowski, Team Captain, Toronto Metropolitan Formula Racing

“The generous support we’ve received from Litens over the past two years has been tremendous. Our team has gained a lot of knowledge regarding improvements we can make to the design of our vehicle in order to be successful at competition this year. Litens has demonstrated their support for not only the future of our team, but for the future of our students. After doing my four-month co-op at Litens this summer as the Marketing team’s co-op student, I gained valuable knowledge and have been able to continuously put it back towards the Toronto Metropolitan Formula Racing team (TMFR). I am extremely grateful to Litens for our team’s sponsorship and to the Litens Marketing team for giving me the opportunity to work alongside them this past summer.” – Isabelle Bonello, Business Lead, Toronto Metropolitan Formula Racing

The Formula Racecar team is working on the 2023-24 racecar and will participate in the FSAE Michigan Competition in 2024. To find out more about these events, click on the links below.

About Toronto Formula Racing:
Toronto Metropolitan Formula Racing (TMFR), formerly Ryerson Formula Racing, is an engineering-led student team that designs and manufactures a formula-style racing car to compete in Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) events around the world. Our team consists of over 40 bright, multi-talented students across disciplines including engineering, graphic design, and business, who have come together to represent Toronto Metropolitan University on the international circuit.