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Litens exhibits at ACT Expo 2023

June 12, 2023
Litens exhibits at ACT Expo 2023

On May 2, 2023, Litens introduced its LitensPower Battery Pack at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center. The ACT expo brings over 12,000 attendees under one roof and over 275 industry partners.

ACT Expo is the largest conference and trade show highlighting the most advanced transportation technologies and clean fuels available in the marketplace today. ACT Expo brings together the clean transportation sector, Litens was one of thousands of industry stakeholders during the ACT expo 2023.

Litens participated as one of 275+ sponsors to highlight their commitment to creating a more sustainable future. Litens presented the new LitensPower Battery Pack along with the eAX pump and the MiniHub. The LitensPower battery pack generated significant interest from attendees confirming the need for an advanced solution for commercial vehicle battery pack usage.

When asked about the uniqueness of the LitensPower Battery Pack we talked to Paul Robinson who said “it changes the total sustainability of battery packs and the EV market by allowing a true second use of cell technologies in the marketplace. It also changes the definition of life for EV’s changing it back to the actual vehicle as opposed to the battery pack.”

Watch the video here to see further details about the products and get insights from the team that exhibited at the expo.