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Litens Sponsors UofT’s Blue Sky Solar Racing Event

February 13, 2023
Litens Sponsors UofT’s Blue Sky Solar Racing Event

Litens is pleased to announce that we have partnered with the University of Toronto’s Blue Sky Solar Racing Team, as part of our ongoing commitment to collaborate with Universities and help to develop the next generation of engineering leaders in electrification.

As a top sponsor of the team, Litens was invited to the University on June 20, 2022, to join in the official unveiling of the team’s 11th generation solar vehicle, Borealis. It was very inspiring to see the students’ ingenuity and hard work come to life, and we are proud to have contributed our financial, engineering and prototyping support to such a meaningful project where students can gain valuable practical experience and promote sustainable technologies.

“We are very excited to sponsor Blue Sky Solar Racing Team, it is a unique project that exposes students to real-time multidisciplinary problems. In addition to machining services, we are also offering engineering support/guidance to the team when needed. This sponsorship opens future opportunities of collaboration between Litens and the team on EV subjects” – Jane Liu, MBD Group Leader, Product Engineering.

“Litens’ machine shop’s in-kind sponsorship helped the team meet critical timing. We thank Litens for all the support they have provided us as one of the most important sponsors of the team” – Leo Han, Blue Sky Solar Racing, Ex-Project Manager.

This was a special collaboration for Litens as our people from the Product Engineering team were also part of the Blue Sky Racing teams in previous years: Jane Liu, MBD Group Leader, Ashaad Bahri, Senior Product Designer and Tracey Lem, MBD Designer.

Jane worked as a Mechanical team member in 2010 on Azure solar car (6th generation) and Mechanical Lead on the B-7 solar car in 2013; she was also one of the three members to drive the vehicle in the World Solar Challenge that same year.

Ashaad worked with the Aerodynamics Design and Testing team on the Horizon solar vehicle (8th generation) in 2015 and was also part of the race crew in the World Solar Challenge that same year.

Tracey worked as a Fabrication and Mechanical team member in 2015 on the Horizon solar vehicle and as a Fabrication Team Lead from 2015 – 2017 on the Polaris solar vehicle (9th generation). She was also a race crew member in the World Solar Challenge in 2015 and 2017.

Since unveiling Borealis in June, the team was able to conduct a few test runs on a race track in Grand Bend. It gave the team a chance to identify key areas for optimization and further design changes. Since the Winter of 2022, the Blue-Sky Solar Team has been focusing on reworking the suspension shock design, building and testing BMS and fabricating a new roll cage to comply with the World Solar Challenge 2023 regulations. The team is looking to get the car ready for more testing in April.

Goodluck to the blue-sky racing team in all their races.

About Blue Sky Solar Racing: Founded in 1995, the University of Toronto Blue Sky Solar Racing team is a student-led design-build team that has designed, built, and raced solar-powered vehicles for over 25 years. The team is made up of a diverse group of talented and passionate students from different areas, including engineering, physics, computer science, architecture, commerce, etc.

For more details visit: http://blueskysolar.utoronto.ca/