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UofT Engineering Students Visit Litens

November 21, 2023
UofT Engineering Students Visit Litens

On November 08, 2023, Litens welcomed a number of BSc, MSc and PhD Engineering Students from the University of Toronto. The students started with a tour of the manufacturing facility.  Andrew Paton gave them an overview of our advanced manufacturing capabilities which included the building of prototype, testing of components and an overview of the 3D imaging capability. During the tour of the Product Engineering Department, the students had an opportunity to attend presentations and observe various testing capabilities. Geoffrey Ryeland and Sean Kieran presented our development activities on thermal, electromotive and battery products for next generation electric vehicles.

Jane Lui and Tracey Lem shared the exciting journey of Model Based Definition (MBD) that Litens has embarked on. Tim Hogervorst did a tour of the testing labs, highlighting  our capabilities which included vehicle testing, thermal management testing, component-level testing, and BMS testing. Olufisayo Gali, Sid Sharma and Chenwei Bian introduced the students to the application of materials engineering in real world engineering. In particular, they demonstrated how Litens uses material science and tribology to characterize the interaction of moving parts and evaluate their field reliability, lifetime and possible failures.

The visit to Litens concluded with a lunch and this gave both the students and members of the Product Engineering Department the opportunity to network.

The students were excited to learn how innovative Litens is and showed great interest in partnering with Litens either as a coop student or working on various engineering projects.  The visit also allowed Litens to showcase the manufacturing and engineering capability and to further strengthen the partnership with the University of Toronto.