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Litens Germany Receives Government Grant for Hydrogen Projects

October 20, 2022
Litens Germany Receives Government Grant for Hydrogen Projects

Germany has always been a strong supporter of hydrogen production, infrastructure, and implementation for industrial and transportation applications with a €9 billion total funding program. €290 million of that is available for universities and industry partners working toward transportation applications. The HZWo Cluster (part of the four regional development clusters) located in the city of of Chemnitz focuses on the development of Fuel Cell stack systems including the Balance of Plant accessories  and drive units (which also includes thermal systems) for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural, and constructions machines.

As a part of the HZWo development Cluster, Litens will work aside several universities and industry partners to research innovative thermal management solutions in the field of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs). Additionally, Litens will have the chance to deep dive into the scientific know-how of FCEVs and innovative simulation and system assessment methods available through the University partners. This will enhance and inspire our in-house mindset on research and innovation.

Tobias Wolf, Engineering Director at LAG says, “[The] timely identification of new development trends is very important. This will enable us to understand future markets and develop new products that will address changes in the automotive industry.”

The project will span over three years and will conclude with the successful implementation of the newly developed thermal management system into a vehicle.